Career Highlights / Subject Matter Expertise

Project Management

  • Managed numerous large-scale projects with Multnomah County; all completed successfully using the agile Scrum Methodology of Project Management.
  • Effectively created from scratch the online brand and presence for the Idaho Statesman.
  • Organized and coordinated a national convention for my business that brought together schools from 35 states and 12 countries; supervised a convention staff of 40.

Teaching & Training

  • Created curricula for classroom, online, and mentor training programs.
  • Created online simulations, web sites, web reference materials, and one-on-one mentoring programs.
  • Personally trained hundreds of employees.
  • Coordinated with subject-matter-experts in crafting custom training for specialized software and business processes.
  • Created change management and communication programs for technology and human resource departments.
  • Conducted training efficacy surveys for all training efforts.
  • Maintained training website and training server using most up-to-date technology and design tools.

Information Technology

  • Designed and built web interfaces (UX, UI) using HTML and Actionscript.
  • Administered web sites for numerous organizations.
  • Selected and procured technology solutions.
  • Implemented IT workflows and guided Business Process redesigns in ERP implementations.
  • Project Managed many IT implementations using the Scrum methodology of project management.


  • Designer of corporate identity, print advertising campaigns, motion graphics, web sites, promotional materials, and everything in between.
  • Since beginning in graphic design I have designed advertising graphics and typesetting; from simple projects like business cards to work as complex as annual financial reports or corporate identity overhauls.
  • Created web sites and interface designs for regional & national audiences that have been nationally recognized.


  • Cooperative leadership style that is flexible and effective.
  • Have hired and discharged staff, trained and guided employee development.
  • Have guided teams to work together through reliance on individual strengths rather than dictating solutions.
  • Cooperative leadership style produces results and keeps employees not only happy but loyal.


  • Civil counsel in bankruptcy, landlord-tenant, and family law.
  • Conducted legal research, wrote client correspondence, interviewed and counseled clients, wrote legal briefs, wrote demand letters, and appeared in court as needed.
  • Performed research for complex insurance litigation in the area of toxic torts with accompanying analysis.

HR Labor Relations

  • Drafted legally binding employment agreements for clients while a legal intern.
  • Analyzed contracts in light of various statutory schemes, including the NLRA, ADA, and Civil Rights Acts of 1964, et al.
  • Represented Local 88 employees while on the Executive Board and worked on several committees dedicated to negotiation, research, writing, and planning.
  • Drafted union documents used in budget analysis and negotiation and in the forming of labor-management joint work groups for departmental planning and change management.


  • Have written legal briefs, white papers, and research which have been used in negotiation and/or instruction.
  • Written instructional manuals, documentation, and related training materials.
  • Copywrote for the newspapers I have worked in both advertising and news capacities.


  • Budgeted for and ran a business for over six years.
  • Never ran the business in the red, within the narrow tax parameters of a non-profit business.

Government Relations

  • Experienced at effectively interfacing with government agencies from time as a business owner to working for a local government.
  • Understands the process and pitfalls of working with government entities as well as their ability to positively impact the community.